Custom ASIC Miner Controllers

Santa Cruz Custom ASIC Controllers

Setup your miners with a simple, affordable, efficient controller – no need to have a PC setup at all.  Our controllers run as little just 5 watts of power – your power-hungry PC can be retired.  The small size of the controllers allows you to place them nearly anywhere.

The controllers can be custom-configured to drive a whole range of ASIC gear – from simple USB sticks like the original ASICMiner Block Erputer [sic], Bitmain U1 & U2s, Bitfury RedFury, Cryptorig Hitchhikers, and more – to higher-end faster gear, such as Rockminers, Spondoolies, Butterfly Labs Monarchs, BitCranes, etc. Basically, anything that can be run by BFGMiner or cgminer.

Contact us today if you have any questions, we’ve been mining for over 5 years, and have crafted a bunch of these RasPi or Cubieboard based controllers with great success.

Starting at just $59.95 – for a customized RasPi2-based ASIC controller, complete with fully configured operating system pre-installed and tweaked for your environment. Provide your pool information for a fully plug & play setup – get mining in minutes!

To order a Cubieboard2 Customized ASIC Controller, click the order button below: