Custom ASIC Mining Controllers

Custom ASIC Controllers for your Mining Gear

Starting at just $50 USD – Available Now at

Setup your miners with a simple, affordable, efficient controller – no need to have a PC setup at all.  Our controllers run as little just 5 watts of power – your power-hungry PC can be retired as a miner controller.  The small size of the controllers allows you to place them nearly anywhere – get creative!

A robot USB2 hub, filled with 3 ASICMINER Block Erupter USBs for a total of over 1GH/s
A Robot USB2 hub, filled with 4 ASICMINER Block Erupter USBs for a total of over 1.2GH/s

Our controllers can be used to make modern art that actually mines – like this little robot USB hub miner – 1.2GH/s of ASICMiner AMU sticks in a cute robot USB hub:

scrypt ASIC and/or SHA256 (Bitcoin) ASIC

The controllers can be custom-configured to drive a whole range of ASIC gear – from simple USB sticks like the original ASICMiner Block Erputer [sic], Bitmain U1, U2 & U3s, Bitfury RedFury et al, Cryptorig Hitchhikers, and more – to higher-end faster gear, such as Rockminers, Spondoolies, Butterfly Labs Monarchs, BitCranes, etc. Basically, anything that can be run by open source miner software BFGMiner or cgminer: both scrypt and SHA2 miners are supported.  We’ve successfully run Gridseeds scrypt gear, as well as Bitmain & ASICMiner USB SHA2 stick miners, with the same controller, at the same time – tho for maximum performance, we advise 1 controller for each device type.

Contact us today if you have any questions, we’ve been mining crypto for over 5 years, and have crafted a bunch of these RasPi, Cubieboard or Beaglebone based controllers with great success, or complete the form below to begin the process of getting your own custom ASIC controller – simple plug & play performance, set it and forget it, no need to manage computers / PCs and drivers, no hassles!

Priced from just $50 – includes Cubieboard, Case, and Custom configured mining operating system, upgrade options available.

USB Stick Miner Information:

As ASIC chips are known to be rather power-hungry, and faster and faster chips are being used in USB form factor stick miners, powering the sticks in a USB hub has always been a challenge.  Some sticks can draw far in excess of the spec of USB power – thus power management becomes key.  The fine folks at have a serious USB hub which delivers a full 10 amps to the hub, or 1A per device – great for running USB ASIC Bitcoin miners.

RasPi2 ASIC controller, with PyGlow & Wifi Addons
RasPi2 ASIC Miner controller, with PyGlow & Wifi Addons
4 Avalon Nano USB sticks running on a Santa Cruz ASIC controller
cgminer console display
cgminer console display