Hardware Wallet Services

Looking to secure your Crypto commodities with the safest, most state of the art and secure technology available, but aren’t sure where to go?  We’re happy to help get you setup – safely – on a hardware wallet and walk you threw the steps.  We can also clearly explain the process involved, the options, safe seed key storage and recovery.

The Trezor hardware wallet, by SatoshiLabs – aka slush and crew, old school miners from the Czech Republic – is an open source, community-funded hardware wallet, which comes highly recommended.  State of the art key management and transaction signing features, along with an intuitive user experience, Trezor makes using, and securing Bitcoins a breeze.

Trezor hardware bitcoin wallet - safest way to use Bitcoin on the planet.
Trezor hardware Bitcoin wallet – one of the safest ways to use Bitcoin

Trezor is a single purpose bitcoin wallet. It has been designed from the ground up for the most demanding bitcoin security needs. It is the only solution on the market today that allows one to reasonably hold and spend balances on the scale of thousands of bitcoins.

(from satoshilabs.com/trezor).

With just a couple hundred dollars invested (for a Trezor or the like & an Android tablet) you can have a state of the art, ultra-secure Bitcoin storage solution, allowing you to access funds anywhere there’s an internet connection.