USB ASIC Stick Miner Starter Kit

The Controller’s dashboard (this is the actual one as shown, with the 1 Avalon Nano 3 USB stick miner attached.

Mining with a PC can be a major hassle – our power-efficient controllers allow you to experiment with crypto mining and not have to deal with power-hungry PCs, drivers, updates, and the like.  With built-in support for most any ASIC hardware, our controllers give you the freedom & flexibility to install and run miners nearly anywhere.

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This starter-kit includes everything needed to begin mining Bitcoin, including a custom ASIC controller and a USB Bitcoin ASIC Miner stick – plug it in and start mining NOW.  Forget about fiddling with PCs, software updates, device drivers, Zadig this or that…

This dedicated ASIC miner controller is hand-tuned to work optimally with whatever miner you choose – and it’s fully expandable and capable – add more miners over time, or use it to power your current setup – it’s fully plug & play (you’ll only need to add a compatible, powered USB hub to plug the miners into.) Already have some USB ASIC miners? Get the starter kit with the same kind – and use this controller to power all your USB miners, no more PC needed.

What’s included?

Controller, Avalon Nano USB, and on the TV behind – the dashboard. Note controller only has power and network connection, and is running headless.
  • 1 Custom ASIC controller (Linux-based, card-sized computer running a tweaked, fully-patched and up to date dedicated mining operating system, with the latest cgminer & BFGMiner packages)
  • 1 5V / 2A power supply – enough to power the controller and the attached miner (to add more miners you’ll need to use a powered USB hub)
  • 1 USB Stick Miner – Gekko 2pac ~7GHs when plugged into controller, >30GHs when actively cooled in a powered USB hub.


Get your Starter Kit USB ASIC Miner on OpenBazaar

What do you need to provide?  Just a LAN cable with IP on it and a place to plug in the power supply – connect the miner to a network cable and it starts mining instantly – no computer required.  Enter your pool information (or provide it with your order, and we can ship the kit to you already fully configured) and be mining in minutes.

This custom ASIC controller is fully configurable with easy to use GUI web interface – along with charts, histograms and tons of other features, all configured by a web browser.


Add more gear over time – for maximum redundancy and uptime, we recommend 1 dedicated controller for every type of miner hardware, tho we have used 1 single controller to run multiple types of miners, both scrypt and SHA2,  even at the same time.

For maximum security – ask about getting a Trezor Bitcoin Safe hardware wallet – mine Bitcoin directly into the safest storage currently available – never worry about private keys again!

Custom ASIC Mining Controllers

Custom ASIC Controllers for your Mining Gear

Starting at just $50 USD – Available Now at

Setup your miners with a simple, affordable, efficient controller – no need to have a PC setup at all.  Our controllers run as little just 5 watts of power – your power-hungry PC can be retired as a miner controller.  The small size of the controllers allows you to place them nearly anywhere – get creative!

A robot USB2 hub, filled with 3 ASICMINER Block Erupter USBs for a total of over 1GH/s
A Robot USB2 hub, filled with 4 ASICMINER Block Erupter USBs for a total of over 1.2GH/s

Our controllers can be used to make modern art that actually mines – like this little robot USB hub miner – 1.2GH/s of ASICMiner AMU sticks in a cute robot USB hub:

scrypt ASIC and/or SHA256 (Bitcoin) ASIC

The controllers can be custom-configured to drive a whole range of ASIC gear – from simple USB sticks like the original ASICMiner Block Erputer [sic], Bitmain U1, U2 & U3s, Bitfury RedFury et al, Cryptorig Hitchhikers, and more – to higher-end faster gear, such as Rockminers, Spondoolies, Butterfly Labs Monarchs, BitCranes, etc. Basically, anything that can be run by open source miner software BFGMiner or cgminer: both scrypt and SHA2 miners are supported.  We’ve successfully run Gridseeds scrypt gear, as well as Bitmain & ASICMiner USB SHA2 stick miners, with the same controller, at the same time – tho for maximum performance, we advise 1 controller for each device type.

Contact us today if you have any questions, we’ve been mining crypto for over 5 years, and have crafted a bunch of these RasPi, Cubieboard or Beaglebone based controllers with great success, or complete the form below to begin the process of getting your own custom ASIC controller – simple plug & play performance, set it and forget it, no need to manage computers / PCs and drivers, no hassles!

Priced from just $50 – includes Cubieboard, Case, and Custom configured mining operating system, upgrade options available.

USB Stick Miner Information:

As ASIC chips are known to be rather power-hungry, and faster and faster chips are being used in USB form factor stick miners, powering the sticks in a USB hub has always been a challenge.  Some sticks can draw far in excess of the spec of USB power – thus power management becomes key.  The fine folks at have a serious USB hub which delivers a full 10 amps to the hub, or 1A per device – great for running USB ASIC Bitcoin miners.

RasPi2 ASIC controller, with PyGlow & Wifi Addons
RasPi2 ASIC Miner controller, with PyGlow & Wifi Addons
4 Avalon Nano USB sticks running on a Santa Cruz ASIC controller
cgminer console display
cgminer console display